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by Erzebet YellowBoy

When rumors of plague swept through the country, pregnant mothers were sent to the island of ghosts, left to give birth and die alone. Not all of their babies perished, […]



by Sunny Moraine

Casting the Bones Book Three Turn is a member of the ancient Crow tribe, a Psychopomp in training—a guide of souls into the lands beyond death—with a bright future ahead […]



by E. Catherine Tobler

A dead girl, a frozen lake, a heart taken… Pip, a kelpie sent to our world as punishment, is forced into a human form. But she cannot even recall her […]

The Don't Girls

The Don’t Girls

by Octavia Cade

Bluebeard’s wife is told by her husband to never go into his dungeon. When she does, she finds the mutilated corpses of his previous wives—and Pandora. With the help of […]



by Sunny Moraine

Casting the Bones Book Two In exile from her home and her people, Turn—once Crow and psychopomp-in-training—is living among the mysterious Ravens, a people steeped in magic and forgotten history. […]


Rings of Anubis: A Folley & Mallory Adventure

by E. Catherine Tobler

NOW IN PRINT (and EBOOK) in ONE VOLUME! As the nineteenth century turns into the twentieth, the world looks to a future of revolutionary science and extraordinary machines. Archaeologist Eleanor […]


Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel

by Jacqueline Koyanagi

Alana Quick is the best damned sky surgeon in Heliodor City, but repairing starship engines barely pays the bills. When the desperate crew of a cargo vessel stops by her […]


Trading Rosemary

by Octavia Cade

In a world where experience is currency, Rosemary is the owner of a very special library—a library of memory, where scented coins transfer personal experience from one individual to another. […]


Nova Byzantium

by Matthew Rivett

After massive climatic upheaval, few pockets of civilization survive in a new Dark Age. Nova Byzantium, the world’s last empire, contracts with Alkonost mercenaries to defend its territory and interests. […]