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Rings of Anubis

by E. Catherine Tobler

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The Book Smugglers Review EVERY IN BETWEEN

Every in BetweenThe Book Smugglers review Every In Between:

I’m very pleased to say that YellowBoy’s Every In Between holds its own thanks to its heartfelt protagonist, convincing writing style, and few key departures from the usual plotting standbys… [the novella ]gets really good in my opinion, because it defies the mind-numbingly predictable trope in which the plucky heroine escapes her sanitized fate within the domed world to find a super dreamy dude to instantly fall in love with in the world outside. In Every In Between, Every is confused by the mix of yearning, excitement and happiness she feels for Ally—the most beautiful girl Every has ever seen. She’s also confused by the intense nameless feelings she has for her trainer and raid partner Carduus, with his stern commands and focused attention. I love the fact that this story features a polyamorous romance between Every and the two people she feels so much for – as Every comes to learn, love is a strange and complicated thing and she embraces it whole-heartedly… the thing that really makes Every In Between work is the titular character, Every herself. She’s resourceful and a survivor, but her most endearing quality is her desire to do the right thing, no matter what the cost to herself… Every In Between is a wonderful novella, and I’m very much looking forward to trying more of YellowBoy’s (and Masque’s) work in the near future.

Submissions Closed

Submissions to Masque Books are currently closed. If you have already submitted something, it will be replied to as scheduled. Thank you for considering Masque Books as your publisher!

Call for Submissions

I’ve learned a lot from the discussion on Twitter under the #DiversityinSFF tag and I thought, as the Acquisitions Editor for Masque Books, that I’d write a bit about what kinds of books we’d like to acquire in addition to the awesome that we have already acquired–and published.

We have already published books about a queer, disabled woman of color and the spaceship she’s waited her whole life for, a steampunk adventure with an out-of-the-ordinary heroine, and the travels of a young woman through the land of dreams.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help make this community I love more inclusive and diverse through acquiring books like these.

We want to acquire speculative fiction books that represent the full range of human experience–different nationalities and races, gender identities, sexual orientations, class, sizes, religions, and ability. Not just that, we want our authors to be as diverse as their fiction and we especially encourage submissions from writers from groups which are traditionally unrepresented (or represented badly) in speculative fiction.

We’re off to a good start, but we can and must do better. Which is where you–yes, you!–come in.

If we want to publish books that reflect that diversity, we need submissions. We need science fiction romance and science fantasy. We need military science fiction and paranormal fantasy. We need planetary romance and cyberpunk. We need space opera and epic fantasy. We want to publish it all and the only way we’re going to be able to do that is with your help.

We want books that are well-written and compulsively readable. If you’re interested in sending us something, here are the full submission guidelines.

And we also would love to send electronic ARCs out to a diverse population of reviewers–bloggers, especially. If you’re interested in reviewing any of our titles, drop me an email, leave a comment, or find me on Twitter and I’ll make sure you get a copy. All you need to do in return is send us a link to your review (good or bad!).