Water, Circle, Moon

by Sally McBride

Price: $4.99

Length: 92,000

Release Date: July, 2013


ISBN: 978-1-60701-502-4

Laine, a twenty-something grad student, knows her wayward brother Innis must be up to no good in Britain. She’s the big sister, the sensible one, but when she tracks him down, she finds more than she bargained for. Innis has found their biological father Jaird—a shape-shifting stallion with a taste for human flesh—and has fallen under the creature’s spell. Then Laine meets Arren, a Cabyll Ushtey in denial. He’s irresistible, but is he just as bad as Jaird? Arren’s sister was savagely killed by a shaper, and he’s out for vengeance. But how can he get it if he refuses to change? He suspects both Jaird and Innis, and he won’t let Laine’s heart stand in the way. Or her family. Her alcoholic mother and moon-addled brother can’t be trusted to forswear the dark passions of Cabyll Ushtey life. Then a Romany queen with plans and powers of her own comes to Laine’s aid . . . and she might be the most dangerous of all.